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Hundreds of hours of CCTV footage from a pizza shop which sparked South Australia's tough three-day coronavirus lockdown will be presented to police. 

The state was plunged into one of the toughest lockdowns the world has seen after a 36-year-old Spaniard falsely claimed he didn't work at a popular pizza bar.

The lie lead health officials to conclude he had caught the deadly respiratory virus from a pizza box after he pretended to only be a customer. 

Fears the virus had mutated so rapidly that it could now be transferred on a cardboard box terrified authorities, plunging the state into a strict lockdown. 

In fact, the man was working Woodville Pizza Bar in Adelaide's inner north-west alongside a cook who caught Covid after completing a shift at a mandatory hotel quarantine facility. 

Specialist police have seized mobile devices from a staff member at Adelaide's Woodville Pizza Bar (pictured) whose lie about coronavirus put South Australia into lockdown

Assistant Commissioner Peter Harvey confirmed he is not the only person being investigated for lying to authorities.

'I will say that the two people we are still wanting to speak to are certainly related to the pizza shop but the exact role I am not going to comment on today,' he told reporters on Monday.

'They are certainly working with solicitors. They are seeking legal advice and legal representation before we speak any further, which is their right, and that is appropriate.' 

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said the 'dishonesty was not contained to one person' from the pizza restaurant. 

As South Australia eased restrictions, the border reopened between Victoria and New South Wales as well (pictured, the Hume Highway checkpoint on Sunday)

Up to 20 local police have been tasked with establishing how the lies of one man were able to cause statewide pandemonium, forcing residents into a tough lockdown which restricted them to their homes for three days.


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The lockdown was initially scheduled to last six days, but lifted halfway through after contact tracers realised they had been lied to. 

In addition to the 400 hours of CCTV footage, police seized mobile phones, a laptop and a hard drive belonging to a 'person of interest'.  

Specialist detectives are hoping the technology will assist in their investigation into the Parafield coronavirus cluster. 

More than 4,500 people across the state linked to the Parafield cluster are in quarantine, with 21 close contacts linked to the pizza bar. 

Authorities feared if the 36-year-old caught the virus off the pizza box, the virus could have similarly been transmitted to hundreds of other customers.

But the man had actually worked in close contact with another pizza bar worker who also worked at a quarantine hotel, meaning the virus strain was not as infectious as initially suspected. 

Empty tables outside a mall in Adelaide at the height of coronavirus lockdown sanctions on Thursday (pictured) before restrictions were eased on Friday

Two friends catch up at a bar in Hyde Park in Adelaide after lockdown restrictions were lifted three days early on Sunday - having supposed to be in place for six days

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens revealed on Saturday morning he had also worked as a kitchen hand at the Stamford Hotel and was in Australia on a temporary graduate visa that's due to expire in mid December.

The commissioner said although the employee's actions had an 'unbelievable impact' on South Australians, there didn't appear to be a penalty for lying to authorities.

'The emergency management act requires people to provide information on request. There is no penalty for failing to truthfully answer those questions,' he said.

Task Force Protect has been set up to investigate any alleged criminal activity before and after advice was given by SA Health in the lead up to the lockdown.

The 20-strong team will determine whether any other legislation had been breached in relation to the 36-year-old, who may be deported back to Spain pending the results of the investigation.

State Premier Steven Marshall said he could not speculate on the status of the man in question while the investigation is ongoing. 

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How 400 hours of unseen pizza shop video footage could hold the key to why worker lied and plunged South Australia into lockdown - as cops chase a mystery second man
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