Here Comes The Warmup. Mostly Sunny And In The 80s All Week


I hope you had a great weekend!

We all know about the big temperature swing we went through on Saturday, and we're in store for another one later this week. Our forecast is pretty certain through Thursday, but I'll be up front with you in that I'm not as certain in what's to come by Friday and through our next weekend.

Temperatures will warm considerably over the next two days with highs back into the upper 60s on Tuesday and possibly near 80° on Wednesday! Then comes our next arctic front early Thursday morning. This will bring a round of rain and possible thunderstorms late Wednesday night, or very early Thursday morning (around midnight up until about 5 AM) and then also drive in some of the coldest air to be found over Southeast Louisiana this winter. That's what I'm certain of right now: it's going to be very cold by Friday. What's not as certain is if we find any precipitation behind the front to interact with the arctic air on Friday. What also isn't resolved, is if we'll find more rain by Saturday too. These will be the biggest forecast facets we'll keep track of this week, but be prepared for a 'raw' Thursday (a lot like Saturday except for the early warmth) and a windy, and very cold Friday. Have a good night and a great week!

- Devon



Calm and Cold!

Areas of Frost

Winds: N 0-5 mph

Lows; 31 - 38


Mostly Sunny

And Warmer!

Winds: S - 10 mph

Highs: 62 - 69


Partly Cloudy

Breezy and Warm!

A Slight Chance of Showers (20%)

High: 77


Morning Rain Likely (70%)

The Windy, Cloudy, and Cold!

High: (59

° just after midnight, but most of the day in the 40s!)


A Slight Chance of

Morning Showers (40%)

Windy and Cold!

High: 44


Mostly Cloudy and Cold

A Chance of Showers (30%)

High: 47



But Still Windy and Cold!

High: 52


Partly Cloudy

Breezy and Still Chilly

High: 56

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