PFN 2021 Four Round Mock Draft


Issuing a 2021 mock NFL draft at this point is a bit risky considering all the turmoil and uncertainty of college football this season, but Pro Football Network had four of its reporters provide mock drafts.

One is a two-round mock draft, another is three rounds, a third is four rounds and the most recent one is a mock draft of all seven rounds.

The draft status of players will change considerably between now and the draft, which is scheduled for April 29 through May 1.  Six FBS conferences are still planning to play in the fall, and four, including the Pac-12, are not.  There may be a spring football season for the Pac-12, and players with NFL aspirations will have to decide whether they want to play in the spring or opt out to prepare for the draft.

That is a decision at least two Cal players -- defensve back Camryn Bynum and linebacker Kuony Deng -- will have to make if there is a Pac-12 spring season. It could depend on how early a spring season begins and ends.

For now, at least, it appears Bynum will be the first Cal player taken in the draft, assuming he does not opt to return to Cal for the 2021 fall season, which seems unlikely.

No Cal players appeared in Dalton Miller's two-round mock draft, and PFN's Matthew Valdovinos and Oliver Hodgkinson peg Bynum to be taken at nearly the same spot in their mock drafts.

In Valdovinos' three-round mock draft, Bynum is slated to be taken with the next-to-last pick of the third round, No. 94 overall, by the Washington Football Team. He is the only Cal player taken in that mock draft.

The four-round mock draft posted by Hodgkinson has Bynum being selected four picks into the fourth round, No. 99 overall, by the Carolina Panthers.

Deng is taken just a few picks after Bynum in Hodgkinson's mock draft, going later in the fourth round to the Atlanta Falcons with the 107th overall pick.

Those are the only two Cal players taken in those two mock drafts. They are also the only two Golden Bears included in Neal Driscoll's seven-round mock up, and he is less optimistic about the draft status of Bynum and Deng than his two colleagues.

Driscoll does not expect Bynum to be drafted until the fifth round, by the Chicago Bears, with the 141st overall selection.

He projects Deng to be taken in the sixth round, pick No. 176 overall, by the Los Angeles Rams.

There has been speculation that Cal outside linebacker Cameron Goode, offensive tackle Jake Curhan and center Michael Saffell also might be taken in the 2021 draft, although Driscoll doesn't see it that way at the moment.

Luc Bequette, who recently transferred from Cal to Boston College, was another player who figured to have a chance to get drafted in the late rounds, but he is not listed either. You can understand why he transferred: He needs to get more exposure to show NFL scouts what he can do, and Boston College of the ACC is planning to play fall football. 

So a number of Cal players will have some tricky decisions to make if Cal plays spring football.

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