Telebriefing On COVID 19 Update


Shapiro said parents who suspect their child has hepatitis should be ready to provide certain information to healthcare providers.

“They can help us out by knowing if they [the children] have all their vaccines up to date,” he said. He pointed out there are vaccines that protect against the hepatitis A virus and hepatitis B virus. Parents should let their physicians know if their child has been vaccinated against either of those viruses.

Shapiro also recommended making a “mental note” of where your child was and if anybody was sick around them.

“Because that can help figuring out if other people are getting sick or not,” he said.

While what’s causing these cases is still a mystery, experts are trying to pin down a definitive cause.

“We just don’t know,” said Shapiro. “The most common causes are chemicals, medications, and viruses, then we need to figure out if it was something that they were consuming, if it was medication that they all were using, or is this a virus or other viruses that we don’t suspect yet, to figure out which it is.”

He said his best advice is to report anything that might be relevant, “that way we’ll have more information.”

Shapiro also explained that the liver has a remarkable ability to recover from injury.

“The beautiful part about the liver,” he said. “Is if we can help the liver a little bit, it usually recovers. It’s a very resilient organ.”

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