TikTok Pile On Boils Over With Trump Executive Order


If you're scratching your head at the phrase “trusted technology provider,” you aren't alone. The pivot from an outright sale to this wishy-washy partnership muddies the waters as far as how TikTok will operate within the US rather than clarifying anything.

Truthfully, the likelihood of Oracle taking over any of the day-to-day operations is low, and the deal essentially boils down to a hosting partnership to get around President Trump's executive order. Whether this will force the social media app to be more secure or less invasive remains to be seen, but without any significant change of ownership, we wouldn't count on it.

But hey, Oracle CEO is Larry Ellison is a big Trump supporter, and this deal at least looks like a victory if you don't think about it too hard. And in 2020, that's all that matters to the White House.

Source : https://tech.co/news/tiktok-oracle-partnership-trump-deadline

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