Toyota Workers Fired Over \disgusting\ Video Mocking George Floyd\s Murder


Two high-ranking staff at Toyota have been fired for appearing to mock George Floyd's death in a shocking video.

Patrick Talley, a supervisor at Toyota in Indiana, knelt on a binder while saying "that will keep them down" according to witnesses.

Another man can be seen in the video, although it is unclear why he was fired. indy100 has contacted Toyota and will keep you updated if we find out.

The men were immediately reported to HR after the incident took place on 6 June and have now been fired.

The onlooker who filmed the incident said:

It was a disgusting gesture Talley made to imply that kneeling on a black man's neck until he dies is a great way to "keep them down" and continue to repress them.

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    Toyota workers fired over 'disgusting' video mocking George Floyd's murder
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