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Say what you will about "The Black Cauldron" (and trust us, there's a lot to say), but Disney deserves credit for taking a big ol' risk. The film was the first Disney animated feature to receive a PG rating, as well as one of the first Disney animated films to feature CGI. At the time, with a budget of $44 million, it was the most expensive animated film ever made. Turns out throwing that kind of money at a fantasy epic isn't exactly a safe financial gamble. The film bombed at the box office, securing its infamy as the rock-bottom of Disney's post-Walt dark ages.

In an ironic twist, the quality that condemned "The Black Cauldron" as a failure is also what makes it so distinct: Namely, the off-brand decision to take Disney animation into dark, morbid, even slightly violent territory. Disney hoped the tonal shift would attract the coveted teenage market (it didn't). Instead, early whispers of the film's intensity and scariness frightened away Disney's core audience of kids and their parents. In a cruel (or at least darkly amusing) twist of fate, nowadays it's the film's darker elements that keep it humming in the cultural conscience.

The most memorable and enduring part of "The Black Cauldron" is its loads and loads of skeletons. Bony warriors decked in rotting leather, dented armor, and residual sinew are the invincible product of the titular jet-black cauldron. The undead army arrives just when all hope seems lost, with our heroes captured and the Horned King's nefarious plot well within his grasp. It's the darkest moment in a film defined (for better and for worse) by its darkness. If that ain't iconic, we don't know what is.

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