Covid Live: UK Records 40,954 New Cases As Oxford Vaccine Boss Says It%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BDs Unfair To %EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BDbash%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD Country Over High Cases


Scotland’s health service faces the toughest winter in its history because of the twin pressures of Covid and fears over an additional crisis with winter flu cases, ministers have warned.

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s health secretary, told MSPs at Holyrood on Tuesday the country’s health system “is under extreme pressure. [We] expect this winter to be the most challenging facing the NHS.”

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister, told MSPs during an update on Covid strategy the health and social care system was “arguably [under] more pressure than at any previous stage of the pandemic. Across the country, hospitals are at, or close to, capacity.”

There were 917 people in hospital with Covid, with 59 people in intensive care, and about 600 new admissions per week on average on Tuesday, she said.

Sturgeon and Yousaf announced nearly £500m in extra emergency funding for the NHS but opposition parties said that funding was too late.

Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservative leader, said the government had failed again to plan in advance. “Every time we think things can’t get any worse, they do,” Ross told MSPs. “This government has dithered and delayed.”

Official data showed Scotland’s hospitals had reported their worst ever accident and emergency waiting times last week, due to Covid-related pressures on staffing and resources. Only 71% of patients were seen and admitted or discharged within four hours. Of those, 1,786 patients spent more than 8 hours in A&E and 515 patients waited in A&E for at least 12 hours.

Nearly 90 British army nurses, medics and general personnel were drafted in to support two Scottish health boards last week – NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Borders, after NHS Lanarkshire declared a code black capacity warning for its hospitals.

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Covid live: UK records 40,954 new cases as Oxford vaccine boss says it’s unfair to ‘bash’ country over high cases
Covid live: UK records 40,954 new cases; Belgium brings back restrictions weeks after ending curbs
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