FDA Panel Backs Moderna COVID Booster Shot For High Risk Americans, Clearing The Way For A 3rd Jab


The head of Moderna today warned it will take months to develop an Omicron-fighting vaccine as Boris Johnson prepared to hold a Downing Street press briefing - and Scotland confirmed three more cases. Stephane Bancel, who leads the vaccine manufacturer, said another two weeks were needed for scientists to work out how effective the current jabs are against the variant, but that early signs are not encouraging. The chief executive said they were particularly concerned by 32 mutations on the spike protein - which the virus uses to invade cells - which would likely lead to a 'material drop' in jab effectiveness. Mr Bancel told the Financial Times: 'All the scientists I've talked to... are like "this is not going to be good".' Experts warn it is likely vaccines will be less effective at preventing infections with Omicron, but they should still be able to prevent hospitalisations and deaths in most cases. There are also fears the variant may be better able to infect those who got their second jab more than six months ago, after studies showed anitbody levels crashed by 80 per cent over this period. Scottish health authorities have announced one further Omicron case in Lanarkshire, and two more in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. It means there are now 14 confirmed cases in the UK, including some with no links to foreign travel suggesting the mutant strain may already be spreading in the community. 

Source : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/indp/index.html

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