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The figures that were touted at the time the plan was changed were about one-third of what they actually were, the

report claimed, with the cost blowout since the 2013 report making both plans cost about the same.

The original plan, conceived by Labor, called for 93% of premises to get fibre, and the rest to be served through satellite or fixed wireless. This was changed in 2013 after the Coalition came to power.

Turnbull did a switcheroo after commissioning a study; under this, the majority of homes received fibre-to-the-node, estimated at costing between $600 and $650 each. Also in the revised plan was the use of hybrid fibre coaxial, which was put at between $800 and $850 per premise.

The study claimed that Labor's plan would eat up $74 billion and be completed only in 2024, while the Coalition's cut-down plan would only cost $41 billion and be over and done with by 2020.

Mission accomplished

— Greg Jericho (@GrogsGamut) November 10, 2021

But the Guardian report said upgrade issues had resulted in a three-fold cost blowout, with FttN connections now costing $2330 and HFC at $2572 in the latest NBN Co corporate plan.

Given Turnbull's eagerness to comment on everything under the sun these days, one would expect the former prime minister to come out with a statement – and a lengthy one, too.

But given that he is not exactly shown in a positive light in this report, maybe Turnbull will stay silent for once.

The Guardian report said that even if one factored in the infrastructure costs which were being added to installation costs by the NBN Co since 2015, the costs for FttN and HFC were more than double the estimated cost.

In September last year, the NBN Co outdid even the most skilled acrobat in Cirq du Soleil by doing an about-turn and

announcing that it would spend an additional $3.5 billion to provide fibre to most homes by 2023.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher

said of this backflip: "From the outset, the plan set out in our 2013 Strategic Review was to get the network rolled out as quickly as possible – and then deliver upgrades when there was demand for them."

If you believe that, then you will also believe that I have a bridge in my backyard that connects me directly to Tasmania. And I am willing to sell it for a small sum. All offers welcome.

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