The Fall Of The House Of AHERF: The Allegheny System Debacle


The research on which this paper is based draws on interviews with AHERF executives and physicians in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Information also was gleaned from interviews with Moody's Investors Service; Municipal Bond Investors Assurance Corporation (MBIA); Duff and Phelps Credit; Pennsylvania Attorney General D. Michael Fisher; and local health care consultants. Virtually all of those interviewed wished to remain anonymous. The research also draws heavily on published stories on AHERF taken from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Writers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette include (in alphabetical order) Len Boselovic, Katy Buchanan, Joyce Gannon, Pamela Gaynor, Joann Loviglio, Steve Massey, Jim McKay, Michael Newman, Frank Reeves, Peter Shelly, Christopher Snowbeck, Byron Spice, and Lynda Guydon Taylor. Writers at the Philadelphia Inquirer include Andrea Gerlin, Josh Goldstein, Donna Shaw, Karl Stark, and Marian Uhlman. Each newspaper also released an excellent overall summary of the AHERF bankruptcy. We also relied on other published reports on AHERF in trade magazines and the Philadelphia Business Journal and on speeches by AHERF officials, as cited below.

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The Fall of the House of AHERF: The Allegheny System Debacle
The Fall of the House of AHERF: The Allegheny System Debacle
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